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Jamie Simpson

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    Nationally Certified Massage Therapist
Specializing in deep tissue, neuromuscular, sports
massage, scar tissue release, and swedish massage.

Jamie is a 2003 graduate of The Alternative Conjunction School of Massage Therapy in Lemoyne, Pa, a 600 hour training program.  After graduation from the basic program Jamie attended a 60 hour medical massage class also offered by The Alternative conjunction.

She returned to school in 2004 and graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in Pompano Beach, Florida, an 1149 hour program, with her Associates of Science Degree in Natural Health,  concentrating in Advanced Therapeutic Massage, and also obtaining her certification in neuromuscular as well as sports massage.

Neuromuscular: A specific and scientific approach to muscular pain relief that will help bring balance between the musculoskeletal system and nervous system.  Enhances function of muscles, joints and biomechanics.

Scar Tissue Release: Breaks up adhesions which cause reduced range of motion, pain,and lack of bloodflow.
Sports Massage: Ideal to treat injuries as well as preventative treatment.  Deals with the health of the muscle and connective tissue as well as symmetry.
Ioncleanse Praticioner:
The Ioncleanse detox machine works through osmosis, pulling excess toxins out of the body.  As a result, people with toxic overload can usually expect a better sense of well being and comfort.

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