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Lindora C. Roby,
Lynn has been practicing in the field of addiction treatment and high risk behaviors for the past 25 years. She began her career in counseling upon a completion of an internship at an alcohol treatment center in Maryland, where she worked as an addictions counselor, that position lead to her becoming Clinical Program Director.

Lynn obtained a Masters in Addictions Counseling from La Salle University and is a certified addictions specialist from the American Academy, Harvard Medical School. She is licensed in the State of Maryland and certified in PA.

Her vision expanded with her opening her private practice, Roots & Wings, in 2000 to continue her work in a more holistic capacity with individuals who suffer from the disease of alcoholism and other drug addictions and to offer hope to those who suffer from this painful, debilitating, and too often deadly disease.

Lynn utilizes several different treatment modalities that encourages self exploration and assist the client in completing an honest assessment of how addiction has affected their lives as well as the need for change.

Lynn’s strives to live a life of offering loving- kindness and compassion to all beings and believes this is the way we bring peace to each individual and begin to bring peace into our troubled world.

Please feel free to contact Lynn at 717-338-9777 for a confidential interview in a peaceful setting.



Dayna Merryman
, M.Div.,LSW: Dayna has practiced in Adams and York County for over 15 years as a psychotherapist primarily to those who had been victims of abuse; physical, sexual and emotional in both the community settings (homes and schools) and in out-patient and in-patient treatment facilities. She has extensive experience in individual, couples, family and group therapy with adolescents and adults. She also has served clients who struggle with addiction issues in treatment facilities and in her private practice. Such addictions have included alcohol, drugs and/ or sex.

She received her Master of Divinity from the Lutheran Theological Seminary in Gettysburg and also her Master of Social Work from Temple University. She is a licensed social worker in the State of Pennsylvania and is a member of the National Association of Social Workers.

Meeting her clients where they are at, Dayna utilizes various therapeutic modalities that include existential psychotherapy, mindfulness practices, choice and reality-based therapy and here-and-now counseling. Just as each individual is different, Dayna believes that the therapeutic techniques she utilizes have to vary based on the needs of her client. Her focus for her client is to live the truth, take responsibility for our own choices and discover new ways to live today that can bring their own inner peace and serenity.

Dayna accepts Medical Assistance. In addition, she offers sliding scale fees. Although she does not participate at this time with private insurance companies, when requested, monthly invoices will be completed so her clients can be reimbursed by their insurance companies for services rendered. She accepts cash, check or credit card as payment for services.

Feel free to contact Dayna at or by calling 717-339-6377 to discuss confidentially your individual situation. She joins the journey with her clients to achieve their personal goals to discover their own hope in their personal lives. There is always hope. Discover it!


Soul Coaching®

Anita Kuhn It is true that as a Soul Coach® I am here to help you hear messages from within so that you can discover your purpose  and design a life that supports your mission, but my personal investment and calling into Soul Coaching is to help you not  only discover that who you are is not only enough, but also that who you are is worthy. It is my intent and my honor and  privilege to help my clients discover their naturally intuitive, resourceful and creative self.  My clients can be ensured that I provide a safe and nurturing space for them to discover their own knowledge regarding their present and the future.

Soul Coaching® does help clients attain goals or fulfill a dream that he or she desires in a more soulful way than  ordinary coaching. It is my job to assist my clients in finding their true inner answers, as well as to inspire my  clients to reach their dreams. But, it is also my desire and intent to work with my clients on a deeper level. I  believe that soul work helps create a shift in the collective consciousness and therefore can even help contribute  to the potential transformation of humanity that is needed to survive and thrive in this time of transformation.  It is my true and genuine desire for my work to help my clients to feel worthy and loved; to know their soul and to  heal, to not only work through the program, know that they have succeeded for their highest good at the  completion of the program.

In all forms of Soul Coaching® my clients can   trust that we will have a powerful relationship and it will be based on trust, communication   and a soulful connection.

Soul Coaching may take several forms.   Examples which can be altered to fit your   needs:

1) One-on-One

2) Groups- small groups. Confidentiality, trust and personal attention are important to   me.

3) Online- Not everyone has the time or geographical advantage to be able to attend the program in person, so Online Soul Coaching® is perfect for these people.

In all forms of Soul Coaching® my clients can   trust that we will have a powerful relationship   and it will be based on trust, communication   and a soulful connection

On my web site A NEW WINDOW WILL OPEN you will find much more information, and my contact details as well.

Also, please see my Divine Healing Page on the GHHC web site.

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